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A Black and Visible Minority Ethnic Network for Gloucestershire

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Linking Communities

177 Barton Street
Gloucester, GL1 4HY
Ph: 01452 308448
Fax: 01452 504755

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LINKING COMMUNITIES is a BME Network set up to support the development of the BME Voluntary Sector in Gloucestershire.

Our mission:
To build a sustainable, vibrant and cohesive BME community in Gloucestershire.

Our Aim:
To develop a diverse BME voluntary sector that is culturally sensitive, responsive and effective enough to arrest the cycle of deprivation caused by the BME's communities exclusion from vital resources and racism.

We have five core and strategic objectives:

1) Capacity Building
To build the capacity of Gloucestershire’s BME voluntary sector; through education and training opportunities for those working in the sector as paid/unpaid staff, volunteers and management committee members. 

2) Empowerment
To empower the BME voluntary sector to articulate the needs, aspirations and desire of their specific community; through the provision of advice, information and representation at local, national and regional forums 

3) Sustainability 
To work in partnership with other suitable qualified organisations to build/engender an harmous, sustainable and cohesive BME community that is equip to provide solutions to its own problems and access vital resources. Through the provision of a proactive and practical funding advice service. 

4) Community Regeneration
To work constructively with other agencies to promote a sustainable economic environment that will enable BME communities to access vital resources, and build social capital within marginalized communities locally.

5) Research/Development
To develop a coherent and comprehensive strategy to research, monitor and analysis the development of community needs, aspirations and desires of established, new/ emerging BME communities in partnership with other relevant organisations/agencies. 

Supported by Gloucester City Council and the Single Regeneration Budget Round Six (Gloucester Challenging Attitudes Partnership)
Charity Registration Number: 1087428


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